The future of insurance

Built from scratch, for you

buildings buildings

The future of insurance

Built from scratch, for you

Our story

Founded in 2010, before ‘InsurTech’ was even a word, we set out to redefine what an insurer should be. By building our own tech and owning the process end to end, we’ve streamlined how people buy insurance.

Best tech

Best in class

Our tech enables us to make insurance more efficient, which means lower prices for customers

cutting underwriting

Cutting edge

We’ve redefined insurance underwriting by embracing ‘big data’ and the latest AI techniques

unique claims

Unique claims

We challenge bogus claims to ensure fairness for honest customers

Insurance doesn’t have to be old fashioned

We’re the UK’s first insurer, built exclusively for the ‘big data’ and artificial intelligence age. Our bespoke, in-house built systems are powered by the latest technology used by Amazon and Google (amongst many others).

Since inception, we’ve embraced the changing distribution landscape, largely driven by the meteoric rise of insurance aggregators. We firmly believe that transparency and competition are healthy dynamics within any market sector.

We’re building the future of insurance, today

Our values

Using our ‘best in class’ technology we’ve launched Policy Expert - the UK’s fastest growing and number 1 rated home insurer.
At the heart of everything we do are four core values:



We understand the value of ‘the human touch’ and we engage with our team and customers accordingly



In a world of jargon, we keep things simple. That’s why we are Plain English Campaign accredited



We’ve used technology to reduce overheads and therefore prices, but we won’t sacrifice on quality



We’ll do the right thing and we expect our team and customers to do likewise. Fairness for all


Policy Expert makes it incredibly easy for you to understand, manage and buy the insurance you need.
Our dedicated team of experts are available online, over the phone and even via SMS. Want to find out more?

Our awards

Our management team

Our founders had a vision for redefining the way insurance is perceived and sold.
To make it a reality, they assembled not only a great plan, but a great team.

Steve Hardy

Steve Hardy

Executive Chairman

Paul Gildersleeves

Paul Gildersleeves

Chief Financial Officer

Adam Powell

Adam Powell

Chief Operating Officer

David Prior

David Prior

Chief Underwriting Officer

QMetric Group

110 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AY

0330 0600 600

Mon-Fri: 9am - 6pm

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